NEW! Countdown Pro 2.0 released for Windows
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Countdown Pro adds a timer to your desktop which shows the time since or until any specified event and much more...

Ever wanted to know how long left exactly until next weekend or how long you have been married? This software is what you need. Countdown Pro calculates the time until or since any event, counts down any period of time, shows the time until the next occuring of a repeating event or counts up the time from now on. All the data is displayed in a customizeable window which you can leave in background while you're working.


Countdown window | Count down | Count since/until | Repeating Date | Count Up


• Calculate time until/since any given event from 1920 to 2019
• Calculate time until next occuring of a repeating event
• Count down any period of time
• Count up the time from now on
• Displays a countdown in a customizeable window, which you can leave in background while you're working.
• Display a countdown in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years and all combinations of these.

What's new in this version:

• Changes made in the preferences dialog are now shown immediately
• Fixed a bug that caused Countdown Pro to calculate the time wrong if "show months" was selected
• It is now possible to let Countdown Pro switch between Countdowns without a graphical transition effect
• Several minor bug fixes

System Requirements:

• All Power Macintosh
• Mac OS 8 or higher
• 600 KB or free RAM

Download (~200 KB)

- Download from this server (Germany)
Countdown Pro v1.02

Register Countdown Pro online (Single User US $ 7 / Site License US $ 99 / World Wide license US $ 299)

- To register online simply click here and fill out the form.

- To e - mail, fax or mail your registration use the register application inside the Countdown Pro folder or download it here